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About Active Intelligence

The Team

The team at AI shares a passion for athletics and achieving optimal physical results no matter the sport or activity.  We also realize there are many options on the market claiming to improve performance but few were natural and even less produce noticeable long-term results.  This became the catalyst to improve an existing and proven technology.  Mr. Myers the Founder & Managing partner of Active Intelligence, has been specializing in topical patch manufacturing for over a decade, and saw the opportunity to combine kinesiology tape with qualified Active Ingredients.

Active Intelligence in the USA

We source all of our active ingredients from trusted and certified companies.  We also control every phase of the manufacturing process and produce the patented AI Tape at our partner facility in North Carolina.  We have hard working employees at this facility with a deep understanding of trans dermal technology and active ingredient formulation.  We currently have one formulation in market and plan to have two more by Q4 2022.

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