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Kinesiology Tapes with Pain Relieving Active Ingredients

Product Features

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Patent Pending Technology.jpg

Patent Pending Technology

Active Ingredients (AIs) are suspended in a proprietary matrix that releases the AIs when you need them most.

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Active Ingredients (AI's)

Highest quality supplements & herbs selected to create these effective formulations.

Finest Materials.jpg

Finest Materials

Premium cotton/spandex fabric (latex free) with a water based acrylic adhesive.

Quick Cut & Measure Technology.jpg

Quick Cut & Measure Technology

The backing is made of easily cut materials for accurate dosages and desired lengths


Taping Instructions

Tape like a pro after a couple applications!

All the benefits of traditional  kinesiology tape with added pain relieving Active Ingredients.  Follow a few basic steps and you will be taping in no time!

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Many are already using the tapes and achieving good results. 
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Rea kolbi
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PhD student and trail running addict. #1 female elite Spartan racer for 2017.

Lindsey Mathews
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Head Trainer and nutritionist at IdealFit, mom to three, National NPC Figure, NSCA-CSCS, CISSN

Alexa Connors
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MMA Fighter Signed with invicta fc. 135lb and 145lb Conflict MMA Champ. USFFC 135lb champ. current record 8-1

Brittany Fields
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National Physique Committee Figure Competitor and BS Lab Science & Bio

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