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Elite Spartan Racer Rea Kolbl Finsishes in the Top 5 at World Championships!

The Spartan Race World Championships took place over the weekend in Lake Tahoe CA, and AI Kinesiology Tape was there. Rea Kolbl a graduate student at Stanford, was ranked #1 on the Elite Spartan Womens standings entering the event and was picked as one of the top contenders. Being number #1 also meant she went to a considerable amount of Obstacle Course Races throughout the season and at the start of the World Championships she experienced considerable cramping/muscle fatigue. Like the pro she is she kept on pushing and half way through the race her legs started to loosen up and she really opened up on the course. After making several late stage passes she finished in the top 5!

After that event she participated in another race the next day and won! Even though she was physically exhausted she found a way to come back even stronger and was the first finisher of Sundays event out the men and the women. Rea truly is a great athlete and we are honored to see her rocking AI Kinesiology Tape at the preeminent Spartan Race of the season.

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