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New Year’s Re|Solutions and You!

Here are five things to focus on when setting Re|Solutions

  1. Firstly, if even the thought of overhauling yourself overwhelms you to the point of regression, focus small. Change one thing. If you change one thing, begin with eating a healthier more robust breakfast. Make breakfast the most important meal of the day.

  1. Come up with a word, phrase, or motto you can revisit daily to help you maintain focus on your end goal. It can also pertain to the journey itself, which may help depending upon what drives you. This should define your approach to the New Year.

Examples of phrases:

  1. By Cinco De Mayo I will be able to handle three margaritas without losing my pantelones.

  2. By April 5th, I will be able to do 10 strict pullups unbroken.

  3. The journey is the reward.

  4. Discipline is Freedom.

  5. Consistency is Key.

  1. Your goals need to be big enough to keep you motivated, but not big enough to intimidate you into paralysis. If you give yourself six months to lose five pounds, it is almost too small a goal to keep you at a level of consistency. You could manipulate a goal like that though. It could be broken into phases.

Example: I will lose five pounds by June 1st 2018 (better to include specific days) in three phases.

  1. Phase I (2 months) – learn about nutrition and the simplest template to follow and meal prep organization.

  2. Phase II (1 month) – clean out all bad food and replace with food appropriate for my goal.

  3. Phase III (3 months) – eat according to my goal and take pictures of my progress

  1. Write down your goals daily when you wake and before bed. This will help with consistency issues. Set alarms to help keep this daily practice alive and thriving. When I set my goals, I have a three-part practice that I incorporate. I write them with ‘I Can, I Will, I Am” as follows. I can become a runner - I will become a runner - I am a runner

  1. Be happy with progress. If your goal is to run a marathon but you end up consistently running 10K’s monthly, that is still fantastic. The beauty of the journey is sometimes it leads you to where you are supposed to be rather than where you expected to be.

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Be Safe. Train Hard. Be Kind.

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