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What is Transdermal Kinesiology Tape anyway?

Transdermal products transmit active ingredients through the skin. It has been used since the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. Most people are familiar with anti-aging creams and cosmeceuticals but fail to see the true breadth of transdermal capabilities. This form of transmission has three very distinct, very important advantages:

1.) You remove the wasteful first-pass effect of metabolism associate with ingestion. This increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients, meaning you need less to net the same effect. (effective)

2.) Transdermal transmission naturally has a slower more controlled rate of absorption. So, rather than taking three pills a day (one with each meal) you tape as normal and science takes care of the rest. (efficient)

3.) If one day you're not feeling so well and take a pill, it's not sitting right and unless you vomit or somehow remove it from your stomach you're along for the ride. In the same situation with transdermal (AI Tape), simply peel the tape away and use one of our inactive rolls. (control)

What does that mean? That means you are able to enjoy the benefits of whichever supplement you are taking more effectively, over a longer period of time, with more control.

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