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Texters Thumb, is that a thing now?

Thumb Tendonitis, Gamer’s Thumb, Texting Thumb relief

Living a life in manufacturing and working with your hands really takes a toll. Thumb pain can also become a problem with the exponential increase of texting, mobile gaming, and gaming in general. Here is a great technique for taping for thumb/hand pain:

  • Start with a 6 inch strip of AI Tape Repair & Recovery (active roll with cooling technology), make two cuts ¾ of the way up the length of the tape, and round all corners.

  • Tear the release liner across the three small fingers near the large anchor.

  • Apply the large anchor (no stretch) to the back of your thumb with no stretch. Pull the fingers of the tape (50% stretch) down your thumb/hand and anchor (no stretch) on your wrist.

  • Cut a 6-10 inch piece of non-active AI Tape (beige in the pic below), or active AI Tape Repair & Recovery, with rounded corners.

  • Apply a 2 inch anchor (no stretch) to your wrist.

  • Apply the remainder of the tape to your wrist with 75% stretch and anchor with no stretch.

Here is what the finished product should look like and be sure to click the link to view our products.

Now get back to texting your friends before they think something happened to you...

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