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Did you Engineer that WarmUp?

A warm up is crucial. As the saying goes, if you don't have time to warm up, you don't have time to workout.

Engineer a warmup? Does that much thought go into it? Not really, but unless you're an athlete getting paid to perform you probably don't have enough time to really become proficient in all the movements you'd like, while also trying to eat dinner at a normal hour. This is a great time to practice skills and build them into a warmup. Just make sure you're easing into the weight, or better yet only use body weight movements. Call it the rule of 5. Pick 5 movements you want to practice and do them for 5 rounds 5 reps each. Then switch to sport specific movement patterns.

Here are a few examples: plyometrics, calisthenics, jump rope (or double unders), barbell movements with an empty bar or broomstick (e.g. overhead squats; deadlifts, clean and jerk; snatch), cartwheels (at your own risk), rope climbs, broad jumps, hurdles, etc. You really only need to do these for about 10 minutes before you realize you basically just did a small workout.

Mix it up! The best way to stay consistent is to have fun. Also, if you start slowly incorporating new movements you will find benefits being realized in different aspects of your training you may not have expected.

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